About Us

For any service to flourish, a mandatory attribute is self-audit and reflection. Such attributes stem from data collected and analyzed with the aim of self-correction and self-improvement. Hence, unsurprisingly the Pakistan Society of Nephrology has been vigorously working to develop a comprehensive clinical database of our renal patients since its inception in 1995. The project started under the able leadership of Professor Syed Jaffar Naqvi who worked tirelessly to make this endeavor a reality.

It is only now in 2018 that the PSN has been able to take his mission further with all these efforts bearing fruit with the launch of the an online Pakistan Renal Registry. This registry remains the only clinical database of renal patients in Pakistan. The Pakistan Renal Registry collects,analyses and reports on data from renal centers across the country irrespective of being private or public setups. The data in the renal registry comprehensively covers information from varied spectrum of patients ranging from chronic kidney disease stage 1 to patients on renal replacement therapy.

Additionally the database is further divided based on treatments and underlying etiologies of kidney disease e.g. dialysis registry, transplantation registry, glomerulonephritis registry etc. Through such databases we as renal healthcare providers can identify our strengths and weaknesses hence determine where more effort is required. Furthermore this data can help identify any nagging loop-holes in the provision of ideal healthcare to our patients.

The data gathered in the Pakistan Renal Registry can be a vital source of further research into nephrology tailor-made to needs of Pakistan. Furthermore, this data can be a high quality amenity for governmental and non-governmental institution in allocating resources and for identifying opportunities where more energy needs to be invested.

The Pakistan Renal Registry a part of the Pakistan Society of Nephrology which is the only official representative body of nephrologists in Pakistan. The Pakistan Renal Registry is run by the Executive committee of the Pakistan Society of Nephrology which holds elections every 2 years.