01. What is PKRDS?

The PKRDS is the Pakistan Renal Registry which is the only clinical database of renal patients in Pakistan.

03. Why is PKRDS important?

By collecting, analyzing and interpreting data from our renal patients, the PKRDS can serve as a very effective tool in identifying where, as renal healthcare providers, we are succeeding and where we are failing to provide healthcare to our patients. Furthermore the data from PKRDS can identify prospective avenues where more research is required based on a local need based strategies.

05. How frequent each center to update their data?

Each center will update the “Center data” and “Patient data” every 6th monthly.

07. How much is the membership fee for PKRDS?

It is free.

09. When does the PKRDS go live?

The PKRDS should go live by April 2018. The PKRDS will be starting off with the dialysis renal registry in April 2018 initially.

11. What is the user name for the center login?

The user name is the email address of the center given at the time of registration.

02. What does PKRDS do?

The PKRDS collects, analyzes and interprets data of renal patients from all over Pakistan. This data ranges from simple aspects like age & sex to aspects like treatment efficacy of dialysis treatment offered & incidence of hepatitis C in the current dialysis population.

04. How can my renal center join PKRDS?

The PKRDS welcomes all renal centers across Pakistan to join the renal registry. Each center is requested to fill out the joining application/form available online. Once the PKRDS administration approves their registration, the focal person appointed by the center will start to fill up the patient data forms.

06. Will all the data from my renal center be available for viewing by anyone?

No. Each renal center will have a separate secure password and they can view data from their own center only. Ofcourse every member will be able to view the total data analysis gathered from all across Pakistan in whatever aspect or breakdown they wish but data from individual centers will be kept confidential unless the renal center in question gives permission to share their individual data. The PKRDS is at liberty to share data based on regions whether it be at a provincial or city level.

08. Is PKRDS the same as PSN?

The PKRDS is an initiative of the Pakistan Society of Nephrology. The PKRDS works under the umbrella of the Executive committee of the Pakistan Society of Nephrology.

10. Will PKRDS analyze the data regularly?

Yes. PKRDS will not only analysis the data collected, but will also publish the report annually on the website.